Come Home To Yourself, Come Home To Your Body…

My journey into energetic healing, like many peoples, began with chronic mystery illness that Conventional Medicine was unable to help me with. After a lifetime of antibiotics, immune deficiency and being told “it’s all in your head” I had reached the point of no return. My body wasn’t responding to medication and there was nothing else Doctors could do. Nerve compression and suspected stroke took the journey out of my hands in late 2011. I was pregnant with my third child, in a world of pain and I woke up one day with Angels standing at the end of my bed. “We will help you heal Little One”, they told me “and then you in return will help others”.

From this day I began to explore natural health modalities and traditional healing methods under the watchful eye and patient guidance of my Angelic guardians. They shared their own understandings of human evolution and healing capacities and I began experimenting with their teachings within my own body. Miracle healing after miracle healing occurred. System by system we delved deeply into the mystery of my body, my external physical reality and my soul. Soon the day came where I could witness my illness and disease as the gift that it truly was. I had created into the life of my dreams, my vitality and wellbeing was restored and I was awoken to a spiritual reality I had previously not known existed.

Healing is a sacred journey, an initiation of the self and it is as unique to you as your thumbprint or your soul’s song.

It is with great pride and respect for the origins of my knowings that I now offer this experience of Energy Medicine from my private practice in Pottsville NSW. Using ancient traditional healing wisdoms combined with modern medical understandings and working together with the Angels, we create a unique healing experience that is all about what your body, mind and spirit need to return to a state of whole being health once more.