Wake Up Sleeping Beauty…

My journey into Energetic Healing and Spirituality, like many peoples, began with chronic mystery illness that Conventional Medicine was unable to help me with. After a lifetime of antibiotics, immune deficiency and being told “it’s all in your head” I had reached the point of no return. My body wasn’t responding to medication and there was nothing else Doctors could do. Nerve compression and suspected stroke took the journey out of my hands in late 2011. I was pregnant with my third child, in a world of pain from seemingly endless chronic health conditions and I woke up one day with Angels standing at the end of my bed. “We will help you heal” they told me. “As you in turn will help others.”

From this day I began to explore natural health modalities and traditional healing methods under the watchful eye and patient guidance of my Angelic guardians. They shared their own understandings of human evolution and healing capacities and I began experimenting with their teachings within my own body. Miracle healing after miracle healing occurred. System by system we delved deeply into the mystery of my body, my external physical reality and my soul. Soon the day came where I could witness my illness and disease as the gift that it truly was. I had created into the life of my dreams, my vitality and wellbeing was restored and I was awoken to a spiritual reality I had previously not known existed. The left sided brain event had popped open my right brain and I found myself with a dimensional access to other realms and beings that I had no frame of reference for. My world went from what society would deem normal to extraordinary overnight and my new “normal,” years on from this initial activation, includes spending my days working as a Direct Contact and Scribe for the Celestial realms and various other benevolent species.

“This is a tricky time on your Earth and we would ask a task of you. A time will come when we will ask you to speak of your journey and we will ask you to bear our voice. This will not be an easy choice for you to make for it is not a comfortable one for your human self. We will ask it of you anyway.” He smiled. “You are human and so you carry the free will that is choice. You will know us by the fact that we will never tell you what to do and by your heart. You may trust that. Your heart will show you the way. We will teach you to heal yourself and in turn you will be called to share this wisdom with others. Look for the ones with the eyes to see…”  (Excerpt taken from the forthcoming book ”Walking With The Light” by Grace Elizabeth)

It is with great pride and respect that I share the various conversations, encounters and histories that I have been blessed to experience, witness or that have been shared with me. I was asked to also share my own personal Ascension journey and I have agreed to do so, warts, magic and all, no matter how fantastical it may seem to you, the reader!

We do not share to influence others ideas of Angels or God or to create religious dogma in an already saturated world.

We share in the hopes of inspiring you to explore the depths of yourself, to enchant you into re-opening and dusting off the Temple of YOU as conduit and channel for your highest degree of light. The Mystery Schools of old exist within you in this time. No external guide or teacher can find or give you the keys, paths or way to these temples for you. Only you know the way. This is evolution. Spirituality need no longer be a dogmatic system where we are told what to believe. We must look within to find our own truths. Your guides are here to support you in this journey, to lend you their wisdom and shelter. To share their light-but never to tell you what to do!

We share to inspire you to find YOUR way to reconnect to home-as so many of you here at this time understand you are not of this world-or time-and we know you yearn to feel that belonging again.

We share in the hopes that you will remember how beloved you are of all that is and that knowing this-you will feel inspired to share that light to guide others.

We share in the hope that reading this story makes YOUR journey easier on your spirit.

May you journey well and may the light of a thousand stars shine upon you, within you and for you.

May you be blessed and may you believe in the impossible because the imagination is the doorway to other worlds.

May our words take you there…

Grace Elizabeth