Perhaps the most ancient and yet newest form of Medicine, Energy Medicine utilises the vital force (sometimes called Qi or Prana) to enable your body to shift, release or integrate toxins and dis-ease stored in your body as illness.

So what is the vital force? The vital force is considered to be a fluid, energetic force that flows through all things. When the vital force becomes blocked or stagnant, illness forms, first in the outer energy bodies and then as it is not addressed, in the physical body.

Many branches of complementary medicine work with the concepts of the vital force and its relative energy systems when both diagnosing and treating patients. The base of these philosophies are to realign, clear and rebalance the energetic bodies in order for the patients body to return to a state of flow, enabling the body to heal itself. In a very simplistic way, Energy Medicine is the movement of energy with the intent of healing.

Some of the causes of blockages and illness from an energetic perspective may be;

  • Negative unprocessed emotions
  • Stress
  • Damaging lifestyle habits such as incorrect diet
  • Toxic relationships
  • Undiagnosed mystery illnesses
  • Blocked energy centres due to trauma or accident
  • Past life and karmic patterns
  • And disconnection from self and from the divine.

Our bodies are made up of several energetic fields called energy bodies. Each energy body corresponds to a power centre within your body (sometimes known as a chakra).  The purpose of an Energetic Medicine practitioner is both to facilitate the clearing and flow of your vital force and power centers and to also assist you to decode your illness. What is its purpose, what is it trying to show you, what steps do you need to take to not need its presence in your life.

Energy Medicine is not necessarily Spiritual although people can access higher spiritual realms through the clearing of their being and through the space held by the practitioner. In my personal practice I choose to work with the Divine Beings of light, known to many as Angels, and to utilise their frequencies for the healing of my clients.

Energy Medicine works in conjunction with all other medical fields including Conventional Medicine and recommendations may include recomendations for diet, lifestyle, herbal, Homeopathic remedies and flower essence therapies.

Energy Medicine is for everyone interested in healing, self empowerment and anyone interesting in cultivating personal whole being health.

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