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Stop Trying So Hard!

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We live in impossible world. The modern idea of success sees us strive, consume and focus on tomorrow. We will be enough when we have this. We will be fulfilled when we are working in the job of our dreams. We will be happy when we are 10 kgs lighter… In fact if we are not happy 100./. of the time there must be something wrong with us right? Who set those impossible standards? We did. As a species. Life hasn’t really changed all that much through the years. There’s still tough times, darkness and suffering. Always has been. Possibly always will be as it’s a wonderful tool for human growth. What if the purpose was not to strive through all that suffering just to sell your 10 step program to survival, make a million dollars and get 10k Instagram followers? What if your struggles were so you could lean in to yourself and God and to build a home there? To build an unbreakable relationship with Spirit that fulfilled you entirely until the suffering seemed to be the gift that brought you here. When you really look at your life are you pushing yourself for God-or for yourself? Are you ambitious for God-or for yourself? Does Spirit really need you to lose weight, make money or have the perfect job before you can have a relationship? Or is that just something the world has led you to believe?
‘You never asked me to be king
Build my tower up to the sky
So why do I try
You never asked me to be rich
Buy the things that gold can buy
So why do I try
All You ever wanted was my heart
My heart, my simple heart
To You that’s all that really matters
Why do I feel I have to reach
Believe I have to rise
When You never said I had to climb
These broken ladders’
Broken Ladders-Selah
Grace Elizabeth

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