For As Long As I Can Remember I Have Connected With This Earth And Her Mysteries...

A country girl, I was raised in a National Park filled with old growth, unmapped ancient forests and my Father, a park ranger, taught me the cycles of the land and the wisdom of the ways of the wild.

As a child, I was constantly ill and I absorbed myself in books as I recuperated from a multitude of viral illnesses, pouring over my Mothers large collection of medical texts and historical novels. I had a huge imagination, which was fuelled no doubt by our isolation and by the religious philosophies and parables passed down from my Grandmother, a religious instructor. It was my Grandmother who passed on the remembering of the old Wise Woman Healing traditions long held in our family, herbalism, natural healing methods and an understanding of preventative lifestyle alongside a normalising of my psychic gifts of vision, dreaming and astral travelling-something which she assured me was normal for women of our bloodline.

As a teenager, I took on the responsibility of caring for my beloved Grandmother as she suffered from cancer. Assisting her to transition from this world was my first experience of witnessing death and this beautiful, yet raw, human experience was to form a frame of reference and understanding for my own journey many years into the future. She had suffered from multiple health concerns and I discovered through this period that I had a knack for knowing what was wrong with people. Illness had a scent to me specific to certain conditions. It also had a taste. I discovered that once I had seen a disease and feel its energetic frequency, I could easily observe it in others.

The ancient land my Grandparents farm was situated on called to me and the deep connection I felt to this ancient sacred indigenous site was to stay with me as I travelled throughout my 20’s, always returning to the home of my heart, until February 7th, 2009 saw my home, my people and my land suffer a terrible happening that marked the beginnings of my initiation of self and a dark night of the soul and physicality, that transformed my life.

On February 7th, 2009, I and countless others in our little corner of the world lost our homes and many loved ones in what was to become known as the Black Saturday Bushfires. One of these losses was my beloved mentor, friend and work colleague and his family. This loss of so many members of my small country community and the loss of my home, my career and my idea of safety impacted me severely. I had lost my anchor in my mentor and my direction in life as a sustainable landscaper. The future I saw before me had gone up in flames. A literal fire of the Phoenix moment as I stood in front of my home now reduced to ashes.

Only a month prior to this, my beloved Mother, feeling something amiss asked me what I could see, something that was now commonplace with my friends and family. My heart sank as I told her the truth of why my Sister and I had travelled home months before to spend time with her before she passed. Cancer. She was not to be healed this much I had also seen. Within a month of the diagnosis, she had a brain event which changed her personality completely. I had lost my best friend in that moment although her dis-ease would take several more months to take her from me physically.

The next two years were a journey of post-traumatic stress and illness. I suffered greatly through two pregnancies with severe pelvic instability, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and eventual nerve compression resulting in a stroke. I was bedridden, in a wheelchair not knowing if I would be able to walk again, injecting myself in my pregnant belly with blood thinners every day. I couldn’t believe this was my life. Doctors offered nothing but more medication, unable to help me any further. My marriage had broken down by this stage and in a hole of unexplainable complex illness, pain and loss I sat one day on my kitchen floor and prayed… “please make this end. I want to die…’ And so I did.

Suspected stroke caused by nerve compression from my pregnancy and pelvic instability. This is what they told me had happened. I remember death. Going home and making a choice to return. Spirit would teach me to heal myself and I, in turn, would pass this knowledge on to others. This was the agreement.

From the time of my first left sided brain event, thought at the time to be a stroke, I began to perceive different dimensional realities. Scans and testing revealed that I was accessing different parts of my brain and passing through trance stage continuously enabling me to access different realities.

This new way of being opened me up to my body and I began to see myself, energetically, down to a cellular level. My previous abilities to sense energy and illness was now magnified and my training on how to use various modalities of energy medicine began. My prayer had come true in a sense as I began to undergo a conscious death of all I had been and embark upon the initiation of the becoming of Grace.

Over a period of time, I underwent my own rites of passage opening up new levels of consciousness I had not known existed. I learnt about my body and its complexities and the various health modalities that I could utilise in this dimension for healing. I learnt how to communicate with the various higher vibrational beings we share this reality with and they in turn shared their collective wisdoms on healing practices that I began experimenting with within my own body on a collection of complex and chronic conditions including adrenal fatigue, Hashimoto’s/underactive thyroid, IBS, allergies, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, systemic mold, lesions on my brain, visceral adhesions, MTHFR, coeliac disease, chronic biofilm infections, strep and staff to name a few.. The more that I healed my physical body through diet, naturopathy and integrative medicine the more pieces of the energetic puzzle fell into place. The clearer my vessel became, the clearer I could perceive the various dimensional realities and the more I was able to see and experience other realms of existence.

This awakening opened me up to passion I had not seen in myself before and as my experience and understanding of whole being health grew my vision to share this knowing with the world grew also.

The body has a language and it speaks to me. Are you ready to hear what it has to say?

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