Energy Medicine With Grace Elizabeth

Healing Is A Sacred Journey, An Initiation Of The Self…

My one on one practice combines energetic healing modalities with intuitive talk therapies, working with you to uncover the hidden meaning behind your blocks and illness and empowering you to take your healing journey back into your own hands.

Objective One.

Using energy medicine and intentional healing we balance and re-align energy bodies, alleviating symptoms and enabling the body to make physical shifts. Energetic and emotional blocks are released and transformed. We address lifestyle factors, limiting beliefs and emotional patterns contributing to dis-ease. We then support the body’s own innate healing wisdom by working within the vital force to facilitate transformation.

Objective Two.

Once the initial stage of dis-ease and symptoms have stabilised, we move into the process of understanding your illness. What is your body trying to tell you? What purpose does your dis-ease or energy block have in your life? My work here is to help you communicate with the consciousness of your body. To learn its language and to remember how to hear the innate healing wisdom you carry within.

Objective Three.

The ultimate purpose of my practice is to empower you to reclaim your inner authority and to support you in the reframing of your healing journey. Energy Healing is self reliant medicine. Clients are encouraged to learn the techniques of tuning into their vital force and shifting energy for themselves. This is how we step onto the path of Whole Being Health.

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