Are You A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?

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If the masses are “sheep”, do we aspire to be the shepherd who offers shelter or the wolf who tears them apart?

As we embark on a spiritual journey we all must pass through several standard stages or gateways, some of these being; heightened bliss (the I AM Love (and light) state), heightened access and awareness of the world around us (opening of giftings. Communication and knowing of other realms and worlds), righteous anger at those who cannot see the world as we do (the reformed vegan who rails at meat eaters) and finally bitterness and disalusion with those around us who won’t change.
It has become commonplace to speak of those who are not as open minded in an us and them manner, labeling the masses as sheep. Does this then imply that you, the finger pointer, is perfected? Have you forgotten that you began this journey in a heightened state of Love and knowing that you were ALL. That your human brother is simply a reflection of you? A reflection of God. This does not change. EVER. If you can label someone a sheep and claim to be spiritual, you are simply seeing yourself in that person. That’s the rules. They don’t change no matter how enlightened you believe you have become.
We are all one. A collective. However we are individuals with free will also. Free will enables us to choose what aspect of God/Love we choose to embody. You have chosen to embody the role of spiritual teacher, healer, humanitarian. You have chosen to raise your consciousness to heal this reality. This is the role of a shepherd not the role of a wolf. Beware you don’t become that which you despise. A force for negative intent. Jesus once said “forgive them for they know not what they do.” He showed compassion when he could have showed anger understanding that not everyone had (or has) the blessing of seeing or knowing the world and God/Love as he did. It seems easy to make informed choices when you sit in a heightened state or receive guidance. Most people do not have the luxury of living this way. Most humans live in a state of fighting for survival. They do not have the access, time or funds to attend spiritual courses or research endless conspiracy theories. If you are blessed to have been given the chance of a spiritual journey, please understand you are blessed-and that you have a responsibility to help others in any way you can. Not everyone will be given the chance at this journey. All you can do is heal yourself and raise your own consciousness, be a light and hope that others follow your example. You may never get that group of African refugees to meditate or follow their gut instincts and higher guidance-but you sure could organize food drives or fund tools for farming or help build a school for their children. This in turn creates gratitude and hope. A pathway-or a seed if you like-that leads straight to God/Love that wasn’t there before because they were trying hard to simply survive.
There are many initiations and gateways of consciousness that lie beyond this state of us and them and yet most people never choose to take this path, choosing instead to stay in their wolf pack and to attack any “sheep” they can find-the wolf in sheep’s clothing, not realizing perhaps that they have in turn become sheep themselves.
Be bold. If you must be a wolf-be that lone wolf that stands in defense of the flock-your fellow human. Be the one that forgives and offers compassion and understanding at where the world and most people are sitting spiritually and understand you are ahead of your time and sent to lead by example.
This world does not need more fighting amongst ourselves. This world needs nice people willing to do good things.
Grace Elizabeth
Grace Elizabeth

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