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Growing Gods Garden.

By February 22, 2018 No Comments

Talking today about growing Gods garden and what this practically (and literally) looks like within my own life.

I recently spent some time in my backyard with God and He shared a vision of a blooming garden and asked what would I do with such abundance? My answer was to feed my neighborhood! I LOVE feeding people!!!! It makes me so happy. Over the week this visionary experience in my teeny backyard and bare dirt patch-now known as Gods garden-began to work within me and I began to see this analogy of growing Gods garden taking root (pardon the gardening pun) in my physical life. I talk today on some experiences where I have seen that I am growing Gods garden out in the real world. How this work is transforming and growing me. I talk about community and kindness and how we can combine these things to grow Gods garden in our lives and I share on the importance of allowing people in to see all the ways in which we are growing, in order to allow the seeds of love, light and hope to begin to sprout (yes, another gardening pun intended!) in their hearts.

May your day be magical and filled with wonder beautiful souls!


Grace Elizabeth xx

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Grace Elizabeth

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